UPS Maintenance

Maintenance Contract UPS: Our basic maintenance scheme incorporates:.


Environmental checks

Electro-mechanical checks

UPS functional testing


Battery assessment


Recommendations for remedial work and improvements of current systems.

Battery Replacement Services

On-Site Service: Experienced personal to safely replace your batteries without interrupting your critical operations.


Supply and Delivery of new batteries

Removal of depleted batteries

New Battery installation


System verification and configuration


Battery Disposal

UPS Install Services

On-Site Service: Experienced personal to safely replace your batteries without interrupting your critical operations.

UPS Sizing- Load Study

Electrical Services

Site Selection and Planning

Environment requirements

Start-UP Supervision

UPS Sizing- Load Study

Thorough Load Study. All possible considerations be made for present needs and any planned future expansion, all loads need to be analyzed with respect to various parameters,

Site Selection and Planning
The site selected for the UPS should be chosen with care since the type and amount of site preparation required will vary according to the specific location and its relative location to the load.
Floor space requirements
Clearence Floor loading.


Environment requirements
Room temperature
Cleanliness - The equipment mm should be relatively free of dust and dirt and other airborne contaminates as heavy layers of dust will reduce the cooling efficiency of the electronic components. 

Electrical Services

Consideration must be given to the input distribution panels for the UPS Output Distribution Panels.
The customer's existing distribution panels, which previously supplied the computer loads, should be re-evaluated before Installing the new UPS.  
Long Term Load: utilise an engine generator which can supply the load almost indefinitely.

twin pics with text UPS Install

UPS Install
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Start-UP Supervision .
- lnspect incoming cable to assure that they are of adequate size. lnspect the cable terminations in the unit to assure that they are properly made and are secure.
- lnspect all connections  to ensure that they have all been connected properly and securely.
- Acquaint the customer's personnel with the equipment and system operation. 
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